Very Special PeopleVery Special People by Ruth Drimmer
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VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE – Very Special People is a book by Frederick Drimmer. Mostly, the book explores human oddities (sideshow freaks) within the idiom of circus performers. Conjoined twins, hairy/ bearded, little people/ giants and fat/ skinny. The book is excellent, but my favorite part isn’t written by Drimmer. Hands down, the best section of the book is The Elephant Man by Sir Fredrick Treves. I’ve always been captivated by this eccentric character; conflicted by a horrific youth, later famous and adored near the end of his life. To me, it’s beautiful the way he was treated kindly by the doctor, with generosity and love. He deserved special care as someone who was fragile; not able to fend for himself. It’s the ultimate tale of human compassion.

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OCEAN BEACH AND CLIFF HOUSE – Ocean Beach and the Cliff House are located on the Great Highway in San Francisco; at the far west foot of Golden Gate Park.  Ocean Beach is a huge open park with ample parking: fishing, surfing and walking are enjoyable pastimes.  The Cliff House is currently a restaurant and bar.  The site location has considerable San Francisco history.  Playland at the Beach and the Sutro Baths had swimming, rides and concessions; since the late 1800s.  The 10-acre parks are gone now, but take a walk nearby.  You can still find the Sutro Baths ruins and the Camera Obscura at the site.  You can also visit many of the vintage amusements at the Musee Mecanique, located at Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 45.


Selected Stories of Eudora Welty: A Curtain of Green and Other Stories (Modern Library)Selected Stories of Eudora Welty: A Curtain of Green and Other Stories by Eudora Welty
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PETRIFIED MAN – Petrified Man comes from the book, Selected Stories of Eudora Welty. For the purposes of this review, I will only discuss the short story (not the book in its entirety). The author conveys the character’s voices so remarkably well. That is, several women sitting in a beauty parlor, enduring the tortures of beauty treatments. The majority of their conversation is focused on men. For that reason, the battle of the sexes theme is apparent. The title refers back to the Medusa myth and a man in a freak show, turned to stone. Another highlight in this book is the short titled, Why I Live at the PO. Surprisingly, A Worn Path isn’t included in this selection.

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PACIFICA BEACH AND PIER  – This area is located off Highway 1 in downtown Pacifica.  You can fish with poles or lower cab traps off the pier.  It’s free and no license is required.  The best restaurant is Viva Italiano (next to Safeway) for the best pizza south of San Francisco.  


MISSION SOLEDAD – The mission church, named for Our Lady of Solitude, might be characteristic of what settlers came across in California’s early days. The church is isolated, surrounded by huge fields of produce crops. It’s nowhere near a freeway exit situated in-between Gonzales and Soledad. One of the great things is the way this mission depicts history. Inside, there are several rooms of historical artifacts. Outside, the crumbled ruins of adobe walls of the original church.