SOLIS @ CITY ART – Antonio Torrez Solis is opening this Friday (December 2, 2011) with “Orphans from the Warren”, at City Art Gallery on Valencia Street in San Francisco.   There is a display of resin sculptures, mahogany tables, digital images, and found objects to create a lighted sculptural installation in the front picture window.


LITQUAKE SAN FRANCISCO NOVEL– In October, I was lucky to attend an author discussion titled The Art of the Novel.  Here are some thoughts I had, after listening to the presentation.  Depending on the writer’s personality type, one author may be more suited to the long form or the short form.  The novel meanders through peaks and valleys; sprints and strolls; plots and subplots.  By its nature, the novel reader expects to:  1. take a while finish and 2. carry the novel around for a while.  There’s a level of intimacy and comfort inherent in the novel, that doesn’t exist in the short story.  The file attached to this post is a free download, MP3 voice recording, taken from the panel discussion.  


NEW YORKER SHORT STORY REVIEW Coping Stones by Ann Beattie –  This is a story is about an older widower, a doctor from Maine.  He is informed by the town hall about required fixes – a wall on his property.  The wall surrounds a cemetery, dating back to eighteen hundred.  Throughout the story, the protagonist constantly deals with a neighbor’s escaped dog.  The protagonist is alone, he thinks about the ways his love for his family was lost.  He also comes to learn about his tenant; a man he considered in greater regard than his own family – daughter or wife.  The tenant is under custody for molestation of a minor and the story is on all the newspapers.  The protagonist deals with his demons:  humanity, deceit, mortality, allegiance, betrayal, permanence and reputation. A quote from the story: “tending your garden seems to me now like a young man’s game. When you don’t have the inclination or the energy or the . . . optimism to tend it anymore, the weeds rush in.”  The author has several stories in the New Yorker including Starlight, The Rabbit Hole As Likely Explanation and Zalla.  


BIG DEAL – The pictures in this post were taken on Saturday 11-12-11, at an art auction fundraiser for Visual Aid.  The event space pictured is Somarts on Brannan Street in San Francisco.  Solis donated the digital design images, depicted on the wall art and graphic pillows.  The pillows are available at Design Within Reach on Jackson Street, or via the online website.  

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