A VILLAGE AFTER DARK BY KAZUO ISHIGURO – Ishiguro has developed a reputation as one of Britain’s most ambitious and sophisticated writers.  A Village After Dark was never intended by the author to be an autonomous story.  It was written as an experiment geared towards working out certain narrative techniques he was exploring while writing The Unconsoled.  The protagonist arrives in a village to accomplish an unspecific but urgent and important task; his past life in the village can only be inferred vaguely. The following list represents his novels to date.

  1. A Pale View of Hills
  2. An Artist of the Floating World
  3. The Remains of the Day
  4. The Unconsoled
  5. When We Were Orphans
  6. Never Let Me Go



PLAYLAND AT THE BEACH – An exhibit, titled Playland, can be seen until April 2012 at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. The exhibit is a miniature railroad that passes through iconic imagery of San Francisco’s yesteryear. Playland used to exist beneath the Cliff House, along the Great Highway, beginning in 1921. The real amusement park is long gone, but it’s been re-created, to enjoy once again or to see it for the first time. The Playland landmarks include a Ferris wheel, Dutch windmill, Fun House, bison paddock, Big Dipper Rollercoaster, Diving Bell, Cliff House, Sutro Baths and Golden Gate Bridge. SIDE NOTE – You can still visit the Sutro Baths ruins and the Camera Obscura near the Cliff House. I suggest that you park at a metered space on Great Highway and take a walk on Ocean Beach. Then, have brunch at the Cliff House and make sure to ask for an ocean view table.  Also, you can visit many of the vintage amusements, which used to be featured at Playland.  Go to the Musee Mecanique, located at Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 45.


Self-Editing FREE PDF DOWNLOAD – This post contains a writing reference, free PDF checklist. I created the checklist based on Self-Editing for Fiction Writers- Browne and King.  The book is used as a guide; the main premise is fiction mechanics.  I wanted to create a grab-and-go document. One that a writer can easily carry around, to self-edit works of fiction.  I intentionally used abbreviations and shorthand, to reduce length.  I found the tips contained in Self-Editing for Fiction Writers invaluable, every aspiring writer should have a copy on the bookshelf. Highly recommended!