The Ghost Stories of Edith WhartonThe Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton by Edith Wharton
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GHOST STORIES BY EDITH WHARTON – The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton is a collection of short stories. Wharton begins each with an everyday scenario, followed by foreshadowing to imbue subtle horror. Don’t look for over the top knife wielding gore. Think along the lines of ghosts that influence psychology, mind and emotion. One of my personal favorites is The Lady’s Maid’s Bell. A new maid is employed by an invalid in a gloomy Hudson Valley mansion. As she gets to know the house staff, she is bothered by several odd circumstances. She is replacing the position of a former maid that was recently deceased. Several other attempted replacements didn’t stay in the gloomy mansion for longer than a few days. Further foreshadowing reveals an odd locked room and her employer’s insistence to refrain from ringing the maid’s bell.

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WHARTON’s 150th BIRTHDAY – This post is dedicated to Edith Wharton, who was recently honored on her 150th birthday. Topics this writer studied often centered around upper-class old New York society near the turn of the century.

She wrote numerous short stories, but most notably collected works titled, The Ghost Stories, featuring The Lady’s Maid’s Bell. Her best novels include:

1.    Ethan Frome (my favorite)
2.    The House of Mirth
3.    The Age of Innocence