GOLDEN GATE – Tens of thousands of participants attended the Golden Gate Festival on Sunday marking the historic 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Construction began in 1933 resulting in 11 deaths. It was erected with the assistance of Native American ironworkers known as Skywalkers, due to their fearless approach to heights. On a grisly side note, it has also been given the nickname ‘Suicide Bridge’. That supposedly boasts the highest numbers of bridge suicides in the world, a figure which is almost impossible to quantify. A movie titled ‘The Bridge’ depicts this grim reality when it secretly captured fatal leaps from a height of 245 feet to the frigid waters of the Pacific.  


THE MEN IN BLACK – While I am NOT a fan of the MIB movie franchise, I am FASCINATED by stories of secret agents that ‘encourage’ eyewitnesses to keep quiet. The video clip comes from the TV series ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ about UFO’s and MIB’s. Do you believe in the conspiracy theory that the government and media are cooperating in a cover-up? Read my novelette Walker- that deals with human-alien hybrids, UFO’S and cover-ups- in an alternative to the vampire myth.  

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‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Confirmed, With Original Creative Team.
Director Ridley Scott and writer Hampton Fancher, who worked together on Blade Runner, are now in talks for a sequel, according to reports.
A press release from Alcon Entertainment (which produced Insomnia, The Wicker Man remake, The Blind Side, and The Book of Eli) also said Thursday that the new movie would take place “some years after the original,” according to Slashfilm and other reports. A release date hasn’t been announced.
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