ARTOPIA These pics represent some of the art and event happenings from SomArts in February 2013. Enjoy!

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REVIEW OF PICKER BY DAVID RAMSEY – I have been to New Mexico when I was younger and one thing I loved about this book was how descriptive it was. I felt like I was there seeing the colors and landscape. Chad Schimke did an awesome job of combining a story of crime with southwestern culture.
Fernando is the main man in this nail biting story that takes you to the edge of your seat and back! ! Fernando’s deceased father, Juan Carlos built a family career in crime ! From drugs to their brothel the “Casa Blanca”. After Fernando’s father died he took over as the new family crime boss. We read about his brother, uncle, mother and cousin who all play important roles in keeping the family business going. The story picks up with a longtime rival of Juan’s, Chango who is looking to shut Fernando and the family business down. Chango is seeking revenge on the Carlos family and does not care who he takes down with him! The story jumps back and forth from past to present which is great in explaining situations. It was a great read and I will be looking for more this author!


WRITING REFERENCE #5 – This post is part of a series devoted to writing reference. For what it’s worth, this article poses ‘questions’ about short stories then provides ‘answers’. For many, entering a short story contest or seeking publication in an online magazine, are great ways to gain exposure. Don’t have the time to write a novel? Write a short story instead and use that as a publication credit! Even if you decide to self-publish (as opposed to going the mag or contest route) start somewhere, there’s no excuse to not get your name out there, if you call yourself a writer.  As a reminder, I have listed all of the posts in this category, see below.
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