artMRKT_SF – These pics represent some of the art and event happenings from artMRKT in May 2013. Enjoy!

#ChadSchimke  #SanFrancisco  #ArtGallery #SFMoma  #VisualAid  #Picasso  #Haring  #Koons  #Warhol  #Calder  #Lichtenstein  #ReclaimedRoom  #Gallery1044  #LowerPolkArtWalk  #BayBridge #CityArtGallery #Bansky #Sirron

artMRKT_SF – These pics represent some of the art and event happenings from artMRKT in May 2013. Enjoy!

#ChadSchimke  #SanFrancisco  #ArtGallery #SFMoma  #VisualAid  #Picasso  #Haring  #Koons  #Warhol  #Calder  #Lichtenstein  #ReclaimedRoom  #Gallery1044  #LowerPolkArtWalk  #BayBridge #CityArtGallery #Bansky


SF MOMA – My favorite museum in my hometown (San Francisco) is the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). I’ve visited it more times than I can remember. In terms of art, I’ve seen some of my greatest artist inspirations, exhibited therein. A few of my favorites are Warhol, Koons, Haring, Lichtenstein, Monet, Picasso. O’Keefe, Van Gough, Calder and Miro. The SF MOMA is moving and expanding. It sounds as if the pieces will be all over the city during the renovation. Check the website periodically because travelling exhibitions will be constantly changing. When the new museum emerges in 2016 there will be a 10 story addition all along the back side on Third Street. Are you visiting San Francisco and looking for great fine art museums? If you’re sightseeing, I recommend the de Young and Legion of Honor. You’ll still be able to see some of the best art the city–or, the world for that matter–has to offer. See below for a link to exhibits and also CBS news for related info.

#ChadSchimke  #SanFrancisco  #ArtGallery #SFMoma  #VisualAid  #Picasso  #Haring  #Koons  #Warhol  #Calder  #Lichtenstein  #ReclaimedRoom  #Gallery1044  #LowerPolkArtWalk  #BayBridge #CityArtGallery #Bansky #SirronNorris #Solis


REVIEW OF WEIRDER BY CRISEL – “The story is kinda weird but interesting. Every character in the story has its own peculiarity that makes u more eager to find out how the story goes. It tackles the lives of people in the carnival, how they trasfer from one place to another. And who wouldn’t love carnivals?? The appearance, the lights, the magical, the stars of every show and sometimes, the horrifying mystery. I love Irene and Henry’s characters. Its a bit scary and shocking at the end, but its mind-boggling and real good book. And truly, an enjoyable to read!”


I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because it helps me avoid horrifying grammar mistakes … gosh darned auto-correct! Two, to or too? Anyone? Epic fail. L

ADJECTIVE OR ADVERB – If you’ve read many writing reference books, the use of adverbs is covered quite often, usually in a negative way. Most but not all adverbs are formed by adding ly to an adjective. Words such as loudly, quickly, lovingly and carefully are frowned upon. The adverbial tail is the tendency of writers to be as descriptive as possible. It’s also considered ‘lazy writing’. Given that adverbs aren’t looked upon favorably (look at the adverb!) the adjective doesn’t fare much better. Take Snoopy’s (the cartoon dog and holiday TV special) example of ‘it was a dark and stormy night’. It’s not difficult to take any old noun-verb combo, add a sprinkle of adjectives and think it’s great writing. While you’re at it, throw in a few adverbial tails, a trope and a cliché here and there. You get the idea. Want to use an adverb or adjective? Why not? I say, if it makes sense, do it. If you’re in the first draft, turn off that pesky editor who lives inside your head and don’t be afraid to use anything. Write with wild abandon. You’re going to have to see how it all hangs together in the final version anyway. Related to today’s post on grammar, I am familiarizing myself with a new resource, a site called Grammerly. You can use it as a MS Word add-on. When I pasted text and pressed review–some results for prepositions, parallelism and structure came up. Still, I had to look at these findings critically and make decisions, about what stays and what goes. This won’t replace your good writing skills, an editor or a proofreader. But, it’s a second set of eyes. In this age of self-publishing many writers can put a resource such as this one to good use.