THE SAN FRANCISCO DUNGEON – Modeled after the London Dungeon, which features Jack the Ripper and the murderous King Henry VIII, The Dungeon at Fisherman’s Wharf has a dark sinister feel. Halloween funhouse meets interactive theater in a series of mazes, hallways and gory scenes from San Francisco’s colorful Gold Rush past. The speakeasy saloon, a gang of thieves, an underground boat ride, a bloody backalley surgery, a Chinatown slum and a haunted Alcatraz cell are a few of the features contained therein. One vignette is based on a real criminal, James “Shanghai” Kelly, who drugged unsuspecting young men and threw them aboard understaffed ships. The Fisherman’s Wharf attraction is located between Madame Tussaud’s wax museum and the Rainforest Café on Jefferson Street.


Here is a re-post of one of my most popular blog entries from last year. I wonder what 2015 will bring? Enjoy! 

BABY NEW YEAR – In the first few days of the New Year, I look back and I look forward. This year marks my second decade living in San Francisco. I remember crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time, traveling down Divisidero, where a profusion of electric Muni bus lines crossed overhead. Initially, I was struck by the grit of Ninth and Market. But, over time, I formed a big picture of distinct neighborhoods that are little cities in their own right. If I’ve done anything right, I’ve shown up and worked hard when I got here. If I’ve done anything wrong, I’ve acted hastily without thinking things through first. Here in The City, there is new and old everywhere, just look around as you walk down Market Street. Lots that stood vacant for over a decade, are suddenly springing forth luxury high rise condos, from freshly tilled ground. Or at the corner of 16th Street and Dolores, there sits the Mission, which was an outpost of colonial Spaniards in 1776. The baby New Year holds the promise of arriving as a newborn, in a big wide world to learn about all the wonderful possibilities, fresh and brand-new. I wonder, what new adventure will 2014 bring? I have no idea what the future holds.