THE MAN WHO LOVED FLOWERS – The Man Who Loved Flowers by Stephen King appeared in Gallery magazine and his anthology Night Shift. In New York City an unnamed man stops at a flower vendor, mentions a woman’s body, a hammer murderer, so he buys roses for ‘Norma’ and leaves. Walking down the sidewalk he turns into an alley saying to a random woman: “I’ve bought some flowers for you, Norma.” When she screams he kills her. After an unspecified amount of time, he walks away. He feels optimistic, sure that he will find Norma someday. Stephen King is one of the best known and most prolific horror writers. His works have been appeared in novels, short stories, collections, movies and TV. Since his first book ‘Carrie’ in 1974 he is still going strong in 2015 with ‘Finders Keepers’ and countless projects in-between.

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  1. My sister was an avid Stephen King reader, but I'm not sure she has read this one yet. My son is also just starting to read some of his more benign stories, such as The Stand. I agree, he certainly captivates his audience.

  2. I haven't really read too much by Stephen King, although this is on my “to-read” list. Thanks for your review!

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