HARVEY’S DREAM REVIEW – Harvey’s Dream by Stephen King reminds us that dreams can be scary. Harvey and Janet, a dysfunctional married couple, discuss how he woke up screaming, during a dream where one of their daughters was run over and killed. Who better than King to exploit a human primal fear? It’s a very short story, which first appeared in the New Yorker, and also appears in the collected works entitled ‘Just After Sunset’. Give it a read–and, you’ll find your heart racing as you sort out the differences–between dreams and wakefulness. 


REVIEW OF MIDWINTER BY SPLATS OF BLOOD – ‘An interesting and inventive horror short story by Chad Schimke. Midwinter caught me off guard initially because it began much like any other fantasy story. The pace of Midwinter immediately quickened due to its action packed story. I had no trouble getting immersed in the world of Midwinter and I found myself eager to go on to the next page. With the vivid imagery of graphic events, Midwinter is a short story you don’t want to bypass.