METROPOLIS – The revolutionary silent film, released in the Weimar era of 1927, represents a beautiful Utopian world above a bleak underworld populated by mistreated workers. Directed by Fritz Lang, the film is highly regarded as a pioneer of the genre. Its influence has left an indelible mark on popular culture– Madonna, Queen, Haddaway, Janelle Monáe, Lady Gaga–that continues to this day and on into the future. A bleak future, such as the one depicted in Metropolis? Only time will tell.



  1. I loved Metropolis. It was such a progressive time, Weimar of the 1920s. So sad to remember what times followed it. Fritz Lang was very gifted!

  2. Ahhahhah, that transformation pic from smiling girl to girl under the electrode-helmet is priceless 🙂 Plus the one where the woman's in the chair, pretty sure those balls inside her knees are now state of the art!

    More seriously though, this was one visionary movie.

    As for your question, a bleak future? Who knows. That decision, and development, is still in progress. Seems the only things for sure are, if the people are happy – someone will want to regiment and formalize that happiness, and, if people are miserable – someone will be plotting a revolt (smiles).

    Folks haven't seemed to been able to get past either of those two extremes since recorded history. Not yet anyway. Yeah, I'm always hopeful (smiles).

  3. While there is no Utopian society (even on of a very surface level), there is definitely signs of a bleak world of mistreated workers (and it can be argued this is already occurring in some countries).

  4. Love the awesome imagery, and I can't count how many themes used that Metropolis robo-girl design. Its been an influence for decades.

    The idea of the wealthy living off the backs of the suffering masses isn't quite fiction. LOL. But Metropolis makes the point a little more bluntly than our reality.


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