Novel & Short Story Writer's Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting PublishedNovel & Short Story Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published by Rachel Randall
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From student writer, to write-for-pleasure, to self-published writer, to traditionally published writer. If you want to write, sit down for a loooooooong time and after you have something, start sending out queries. You have to conquer the slush pile if you ever want to call yourself a published writer. A must have!

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PROXIMA B – The closest rocky planet outside our solar system orbits Proxima Centauri. The star is a red dwarf, gravitationally locked to Alpha Centauri, in the Centarus constellation. The planet, Proxima B, orbits within the habitable zone and is 1.3 times the size of Earth. What’s interesting about that, you might ask? Known science tells us liquid water is essential for life, to be just close enough to the sun to remain liquid and not freeze. More will be constantly revealed, so expect telescopes scouring the night sky, for evidence of the chemical signals of life on Proxima B. We are technologically closing in on the ability to send interstellar probes there. High tech devices, travelling a percentage of light speed could reach the planet within 2 decades. Every great story begins with this question – what if? Imagine streaming pictures sent back from this strange world–what plants, insects, animals–from a distance of 4 light years after a decade’s long flight. This is the next step for mankind’s evolution, to send probes and eventually humans, to our planet neighbor. Looking outward past the Milky Way and into the great beyond. 


DON’T BREATHE – Part horror, part psychological thriller, Don’t Breathe is about a home invasion gone wrong. You’ll find yourself wondering who to root for. The homeowner or the burglars? Directed by Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead 2013) the film makes good use of suspense, setbacks and surprise twists. In my opinion, the weakest part of the movie was that it stopped, instead of coming to a satisfying resolution. But it’s an original in an industry otherwise mired in classic horror remakes and big screen comic book adaptations. Worth watching? I’d say yes, go and check it out.