DON’T BREATHE – Part horror, part psychological thriller, Don’t Breathe is about a home invasion gone wrong. You’ll find yourself wondering who to root for. The homeowner or the burglars? Directed by Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead 2013) the film makes good use of suspense, setbacks and surprise twists. In my opinion, the weakest part of the movie was that it stopped, instead of coming to a satisfying resolution. But it’s an original in an industry otherwise mired in classic horror remakes and big screen comic book adaptations. Worth watching? I’d say yes, go and check it out. 



  1. Looks like a good movie. Something my wife may like. I am not as into horror as I was ten years ago. I do miss it though.

  2. I've neem doubting whether to go see this movie or not. I'm a big fan of horror movies. But I want sure if I would like this one. I will try it out!

  3. I love suspenseful movies! Definitely going to take your recommendation on this one- it has a great twist, because it takes something that we see everyday (reduced vision) and makes it the antagonist's strength.

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