THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL – Colonel Philip J. Corso’s memoir, is an account of the purported discovery and subsequent cover-up, detailing a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft in Roswell NM in 1947. He describes recovered items including alien bodies, UFO instruments, computer chips, metal cloth and fiber optics. According to him, these inventions were reverse engineered and resulted in the advancement of computer science, communications and modern video/ audio entertainment. Published a year before his death, he went on to appearances in the media including Dateline and radio interviews promoting his book. The book’s detractors are numerous include the media, government and scientists. Claiming the assertions are over reaching and not supported by corroboration of others and evidence. Interesting? Yes. Factual? I have no idea. 



  1. I believe there has to be some truth to this. There was such a wider range of people who were there and later came out with things. I don't know why there were so worried about starting a panic. Mankind has always been so arrogant to think nothing on earth or anywhere else can over come us. We need to be more concerned about doing OURSELVES in rather than anything from outerspace.

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