MY BLOODY VALENTINE – A pickaxe wielding psycho, wearing miner’s garb and a mask, slaughters a group of teenage partiers in a darkened mine. Ten years later, one of the escapees inherits the mine from his deceased father. Returning to the hometown of his youth, he finds his ex-girlfriend has married the local sheriff. One of his classmates is murdered, he becomes a suspect because he was caught on tape in the hotel parking lot. My Bloody Valentine isn’t really a remake. It takes its inspiration from a 1981 film of the same name. The 2009 version works better in terms of subject matter, storyline and the plot twist ending. If you’re a fan of the gory slasher genre, this is one you’ll enjoy. While imperfect, it’s a good flick. So check it out! 




  1. Although I am not a slasher flick fan per say…..I do enjoy a good horror film! I've seen the 1981 film, perhaps I should watch the 2009 one! I'm curious as to what the Special Addition version offers that the original does not.

  2. Lol. I should have expected this post from you for Valentine. You can't beat a good slasher film. I can only occasionally watch them, the last one I saw was Scream. When well done, they are brilliant entertainment.

  3. I'm more the psychological terror and things jumping out of the screen type of horror watcher and writer. But I love Jenson Ackles from Supernatural. Wasn't he in this? I seem to remember he was. Perfect blog for Valentines though. LOL

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