THE WRITE PLOT – A good writer strikes the proper balance. The story is original but conventional enough to be read easily. It has a plot that isn’t too complicated or overly action packed. But by all means, something interesting has to happen! Make sure to avoid the opposite problem, such as weak plots, and stories lacking in tension. Are you a pantser or a plotter? Do you just start writing, hoping to be lucky enough to develop a well-organized story? Do you spend lots of time outlining and researching, consequently not getting much writing done? Or do you carefully stick to the outline but end up with something trite and predictable? Balance is key, so you have to do all of the above. A writer who understands the rules also knows when to break them. Aristotle gave us the beginning, middle and end. Freytag gave us the pyramid. Campbell gave us the hero. Vogler gave us the Writer’s Journey. OK, what does all of this mean to me as a writer, you might ask? Do ponder before you write. Daydream and don’t forget to jot down your most unusual ideas. Do outline before you write. Avoid time wasting and writing yourself into dead ends. Think of a great concept and decide what you need to show (not tell) to convey the idea. And by all means, take your reader somewhere they never knew they wanted to go.




  1. Yes ! Funny, I sometimes feel I have to write myself into dead ends just to eliminate it, thus knowing where the right way is…

    Great stuff.

  2. I've read a lot of Scott Bells books and adhere to many of the same practices. I also storyboard which helps me much more than a detailed outline. It says in a few words what an outline says in chapters. Excellent post and I appreciate the downloads and the numerous articles. I'll peruse them at my leisure. I'm always up for learning more.

  3. Nice! Bookmarked. I'm definitely going to keep checking up on your blog… love horror… I love writing.

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