Midwinter by Chad Schimke – Claim your FREE e-book just in time for Christmas! 🎄 https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/6e0r8oph

Midwinter by Chad Schimke – Claim your FREE e-book just in time for Christmas! 🎄



THE CONJURING FRANCHISE – The Nun, 5th film in the Conjuring franchise, features a screenplay by Gary Dauberman from a Wan/ Dauberman treatment based on source material. You will certainly recognize the name James Wan, creator of the Insidious and Saw franchises. So far this series has included The Conjuring (2013), Anabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation (2017), The Conjuring: Enfield Case (2016) and The Nun (2018). The Crooked Man, another spinoff character tracing back to source material is currently in production.  Starring as the nun will be Taissa Farmiga, sister of the original Conjuring star Vera Farmiga. Catch the film in theaters on September 7, 2018.

The Conjuring 2013
Anabelle 2014
Annabelle: Creation 2017
The Conjuring: Enfield Case 2016
The Nun 2018


ART BELL – As the 90s drew to a close, late in the night, Art Bell excited radio listeners with stories of campfire ghosts and creatures hidden in shadows. The show Art started, Coast to Coast, brought in 10 million radio listeners at its height. I was listening and remember the night he made his announcement in 1998. Art said his safety was being threatened, he quit his radio job on air, and planned to go into hiding. He came back to the show but left again and the network attempted to replace Art with George Noory. But how can a visionary be replaced by a reporter? Art Bell transformed popular culture by suggesting psychic phenomena really existed, and discussed his favorite conspiracy theories. Aliens, time travel, ghosts, UFOs, science and ancient civilizations. Art had several more false starts and sudden retirements up to 2015 or so. Finally he died at his house in Pahrump AZ on April 13, 2018. If you haven’t discovered the classic Art Bell radio shows don’t shortchange yourself. Go uncover those hidden gems.



THE CANTERVILLE GHOST SHORT STORY REVIEW – In Oscar Wilde’s first published story, the ghost of an English lord from the distant past, tries and fails to frighten an American family, residing in his former mansion. The Canterville Ghost is a study in opposites, chock full of humorous quips and witty banter, quite unlike The Picture of Dorian Gray, more in the vein of The Importance of Being Earnest. There are shaking chains, bleached bones, creaking floorboards and a parade of disguises. But the ghost is frustrated by his attempt at frightening residents because they find him comical and not scary.  While old fashioned, his other works include stage plays, and endless stream of witty quotes, which are a window into the mind of one of the greats of English literature. Do you like classic horror? Then do yourself a favor and read The Canterville Ghost!




WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE – Sarah Winchester left behind a seven story mansion known as the Winchester Mystery House.  It’s now in the middle of San Jose, what was once Santa Clara valley orchard farmland.  In 1884 she began with a nearly unlimited renovation budget paid for by the several millions left behind by her late husband.  William Winchester was the heir to the estate of the famous Winchester repeating rifle.  Based on the consultation of a spiritualist, Sarah lived in the midst of nearly forty years of construction.  In her community she endured public scrutiny, engaged in bizarre behavior and believed in occult reasons for her bad luck.  She was convinced her torment was caused by the influence of spirits of the dead; due to their deaths caused by Winchester’s rifles.  The pictures and description don’t do the house justice, the scale is overwhelming and the house is something to see firsthand.  It’s the ultimate Halloween haunted house!